Focus Foodservice Black Jupiter Large 97336 Commercial Manual juice Press Review


Citrus fruit is a lifesaving fruit that when consumed firstly by the process of squeezing out the citrus fruit juice with a manual juice press on a regular basis and also adding the fresh juice to your everyday home recipe helps in strengthening your immune system because it’s rich in vitamin c.

What should come up in your mind right now is by getting yourself a manual juice press like the focus foodservice black Jupiter large commercial manual juice press which is definitely going to show you exactly what a perfect job is capable of doing.

It’s preferable for you to juice and stores the citrus fruit juice yourself in the refrigerator at a maximum of 24 hours before drinking than purchasing industrial reserved citrus fruit juice which has some side effects when taken for so long.

The black Jupiter large juice press is a commercial-grade heavy-duty appliance that is built to withstand a long time of use due to its stainless steel and cast iron construction body. Looking for a permanent spot to place the juicer will be very helpful

This remarkable focus foodservice black Jupiter large commercial manual juice press is in the line commercial manual juice press. It is among the more expensive commercial manual juice press on sales. However, its expensive price tag comes with greater advantages compared to the cheaper ones with fewer advantages.

I think is best to go with an expensive juice press if you really desire a powerful, flexible, and high-quality commercial manual juice press.

Features of the focus foodservice black Jupiter large 97336 commercial manual juice press

  1. Constructed with cast iron with 18/8 stainless steel.
  2. It comes with a wide stable base design and rubber suction cup feet.
  3. It comes with removable parts that are easy to clean (strainer cone and funnel).
  4. Made with enamel finish resists citrus acids.
  5. It has a sure grip rubberized handle.
  6. The juicer withstands up to about 2,300 pounds per square inch.
  7. The manual juicer is also available in both black and white.
  8. It has a highly efficient 3-pinion design.
  9. The large opening between the base legs allows larger containers.
  10. Probably comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.
  11. Handle in upright dimension: 271/4 inch.
  12. Commercial manual juice press.
  13. Large-sized stainless steel cone.
  14. Dimension: 12.5 x 18 x 10 inches.

The function of the features

Base and stability

Juicing with mostly commercial manual juicers greatly requires a stable or smooth surface. About the Jupiter large manual juice press, every juicing operation will be safe because the manufacturer did so much by building a wider base design and rubber suction cup feet to make sure of that.

Professional quality

This focus foodservice Jupiter large manual juice press is a well-built product that definitely lasts more than one lifetime. The reason for that is because the juice press is a home and commercial heavy-duty juicer, made with cast iron and 18/8 stainless steel construction and with an enamel finish that resists corrosion, citrus acids, and pitting.

Ergonomic handle

If you’re still wondering where is to be held to start the squeezing operation, we’re going to give you a head start here.

The front long handle is what is needed to be held for the squeezing operation. The ergonomic rubberized sure-grip handle does two main specific functions for your convenient extraction.

First, the ergonomic rubberized sure-grip handle withstands 2,300 psi, exerting maximum force with minimal effort and while the second function is that the rubberized handle prevents your hands from slipping during pressing.

Easy clean-ups

The perforated stainless steel strainer cone and funnel cup are the only removable components that enter the dishwasher and at the same time easy to remove.

You can quickly hand wash the strainer cone and funnel cup since it is the only components to be washed. This will totally take less time of about 1 minute or less to round up and after that dry them.

Large-sized cone

Just because the commercial manual juicer those have a large size of cone doesn’t mean you should put in the whole citrus fruit without cutting. It’s a large cone because it’s large enough for the orange, line, lemon, or grapefruit to be balanced in it and properly squeezed.


  • It works perfectly well with citrus fruits.
  • Higher juice is pressed out.
  • Easy to use and wash.
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • It has durable cast iron construction.
  • The whole juicer is made with a professional quality design.
  • No shaking during operation. Very stable with the help of its wide base rubber suction feet.
  • Certified commercial-grade means it will be suitable for commercial usage.
  • It has a quiet operation.
  • Affordable juicer price.


  • It might be a heavy-weighted juice press.
  • It got no rooms for leafy greens.
  • It takes more space at the countertop.
  • Only allows pre-cutting of the citrus fruits before gaining efficient press out.

Product specs

Juicer type and styleCommercial manual juicer and vertical style
Material Cast iron construction with 18/8 stainless steel
Wattage None
Durable Yes
Quiet motor Yes
Producer ZERC9
Color Black
Warranty Unknown (probably a year)
Weight 10 pounds
Dishwasher safe partsAll removable parts (yes)
Best used for juicingOranges, lemons, lines, small grapefruits, and many other citruses
Dimension12.5 x 17.7 x 9.7 inches
Model number97336
ApplicationHome and commercial usage


  1. Free lime squeezer.
  2. Strainer cone.
  3. Funnel cup.
  4. Rubber suction cup.
  5. Perforated strainer core black.
  6. Lever action.
  7. 3-pinion design.
  8. Mesh sieve strainer stainless steel.
  9. Sure-rubber grip.

Reason why the focus foodservice black Jupiter large 97336 commercial manual juice press is suitable for your home and other commercial places

If you can screw back up to the features of this manual commercial grade juicer, you’ll see all the basic features a manual juicer is supposed to possess, the focus foodservice black Jupiter large 97336 commercial manual juice press.

The press was mainly built for maximum pressure with a minimum effort applied. So you will always get large quantities of the sweetest juice possible (free of bitter skin oil) and the manual commercial grade juicer is definitely going to last forever.


Yes, the manual juice press is a heavy-duty commercial juicer and which will surely take much space at the top of the counter but c’mon for me, I see no big deal about that. What am sure of is that this shining large guy presses all the fresh juice out of every citrus fruit nicely.

The juicing operation is always smooth without creating any mess if you don’t overfill the juice cup for that not to happen.

Don’t blink on this shiny guy!