Pomegranate Extra Large 20501 Manual Juice Press (Pomegranate and Citrus) Review


They are lots of manual juice press that is used for squeezing and pressing out pomegranate and citrus fruits that is available at the market now. From the bunch, I decided to pick my very best out of the list which turns out to be my very own good friend “the Pomegranate extra-large 20501 manual juice press”. The reason being for my number one pick it’s because there is not a more efficient juice press that performs similar to this juice press or has the same pressing power that the Pomegranate juice press possesses. Yes, it is a pomegranate juice press but also does a perfect job when squeezing out your citrus fresh fruit juice.

The Pomegranate extra-large 20501 manual juice pres is a commercial-grade solid cast steel construction that is designed to serve you well for commercial and homes use. I won’t forget to include the juice press enamel coastal acid-resistant base that it carries.

When making a whole glass cup of pomegranate juice drink with a pomegranate manual juice press, luckily, it comes with a bonus free lime squeezer so that you easily apply a squirt of fresh lime juice for better taste.

The pomegranate creates a mess on the countertop which seems to be tough stains. If you got a white countertop in the kitchen is advisable not to juice on it to prevent stressful juicing.

Features of the Pomegranate extra-large 20501 manual juice press

  1. The handle stands almost 20” tall on its downward position but when it is fully extended it is about 28 inches tall.
  2. It’s a commercial-grade press that is designed for home-usage.
  3. It’s manufactured from solid cast steel.
  4. Parts that come in contact with the food are polished stainless steel.
  5. Comes with two removable components for easy cleaning (strainer cone and funnel).
  6. Lever action three pinion design.
  7. Made with an acid-resistant baked enamel coating.
  8. It comes with an included bonus free lime squeezer.
  9. It has an extra-large foot with skid-proof rubber feet.
  10. Weights 16 Ib.
  11. Dimension: 24.1 x 14.3 x 10.7 inches.

The function of the features

Easy to use

As you’ll know, a commercial manual juice press isn’t that complicated when operating. For the new users that got this juice press newly, your main focus is the stainless steel strainer cone which turns out to be where you’ll be placing the pomegranate and citrus fruit.

Put the produce in, and then pull up and down the lever till you’re satisfied with the quantity of juice you got squeezed out (just like that). Don’t forget to place a cup or bowl beneath the strainer so that the fruit juice will freely flow down the cup or bowl.

Stainless steel removable parts and cast iron construction

The stainless steel removable parts are the strainer cone and funnel which helps for better clean-up. With this juice press, you don’t have to worry about the juice getting in contact with the juicer because they are made of polished stainless steel. Not just a polished stainless steel but also acid resistant and solid cast iron construction that increases the durability of the juice press and makes stable juicing when in use. In addition, the juicer will serve you for a longer time.

Generates maximum pressure

The secrete behind its ability for the juice press to generate maximum pressure extraction is its 28-inch tall lever when fully extended that delivers pressure up to about 1,400 psi, making the manual juicer capable of handling whatever kind of citrus fruits required to be pressed.

When juicing with this juice press to avoid the manual juicer from falling forward and losing its balance, it is well recommended you reduce the pressing force by also reducing the portion of the fruit.

Easy to clean

Juicers with not many components automatically are easy to clean. The pomegranate extra-large 20501 manual juice press just has two removable parts which are dishwasher safe.

In whatever way you choose to clean the juicer that feels to be easier by you which is no big deal but make sure after every wash the manual juice press should be dried immediately.


  • Skid-proof rubber feet for great base balance while juicing.
  • Handles citrus and pomegranate fruits perfectly well.
  • Pretty much easy to operate the press and lever.
  • The rubber handle is held comfortably.
  • The lever stop is in a favorable position for high juice extraction.
  • It’s easy to detach for cleaning.
  • Very durable pomegranate and citrus manual juice press.
  • It has an affordable price.


  • May get really messy with pomegranates.
  • Some customers say the juicer tends to fall forward when a strong force is applied.
  • It’s a heavy-duty juicer press.

Product specs

Juicer type and styleCommercial manual juicer and vertical style
Material Solid cast steel with an acid-resistant enamel coating
Wattage None
Durable Yes
Quiet motor Yes
Producer Free Your Pom
Color Grey bake enamel coating
Warranty Unknown
Weight 16 pounds
Dishwasher safe partsAll removable parts (yes)
Best used for juicingOranges, lemons, lines, small grapefruits and pomegranates
Dimension24.1 x 14.3 x 10.7 inches
Model number20501
ApplicationHome and commercial usage


  1. Rubberized handle.
  2. Funnel cup.
  3. Strainer cone.
  4. Free juicing lime squeezer.
  5. Skid-proof rubber feet.

Reason why the Pomegranate extra-large 20501 manual juice press is suitable for your home and other commercial places

A commercial-grade manual juice press that is designed for not just indoors but also outdoors usage is what is best for manual juicing.

There is not a more efficient commercial grade manual juice press on the market than the Pomegranate extra-large 20501 manual juice press.


The Pomegranate extra-large 20501 manual juice pres is a perfect pick for you, no denying that.

The manufacturer really did a great job on this commercial manual juice press even still when you purchase the pomegranate juice press they still included a limited free lime squeezer available bonus to each customer who purchases the pomegranate juice press that worth’s about $20.00.

The commercial manual juice press juices better when it comes to making pomegranate juices. Citrus fruit does work with the juice press as well but differently.